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Just a reminder, this is where my journal now resides.

She Took Her Own Picture
44 female artists from across the world have come together online to self-publish a collection of photographic self portraits

The group of women, most whom have never met each other, have collaborated through a photo-sharing website where they share their work online, to produce a book of their self-portraits.

She Took Her Own Picture: Selections from the Female Self Portrait Artists’ Support Group will be available this Friday, 12th September 2008. The unique venture comes as a first for women’s photographic self-portraiture today.

Self-publishing the book through Blurb.com, the artists hope the book will serve as a prototype to target suitable art publishers and make the book available on a wider basis, with the aim of donating a percentage of the profits to women’s causes.

The participants, both amateurs and professionals, range in age and origin and hail from North and Latin America, the UK and Ireland, Australia, the Caribbean, Oceania, and all over Europe. These 44 women however, are only a small percentage of over 1000 female self-portrait artists who congregate in the Female Self Portrait Artists’ Support Group, a group on Flickr started by Laurel Fiszer from Ireland, where the idea for a book of work first began. The group was set up to provide a “collective of women photographers who strengthen their friendship by sharing inspired, artistic, and well-executed photographs”.

“Laurel’s primary goal,” says Natalie J. McCarthy, writer of the introduction to the book, “was to create a place online where female photographers could share self-portraits and receive constructive criticism in a supportive, encouraging, and non-judgmental environment.
“She noticed that female self-portrait photographers were often seen as narcissistic princesses who had to defend their work against an onslaught of criticism—most of which was not directed toward the photograph’s technical merits.”

Ok so I know I don't use this journal, but I wanted to pimp THE BOOK.

She Took Her Own Picture, the book that my photos are a part of, is now for sale, click this link for further details...available for a limited 60 days only.


I'm really excited and as I already have my own copy I can say that this book is really well done and the photos are just magnificent.

The group argues that the female self-portrait has proved to offer women artists a powerful opportunity: the chance to categorically refute antiquated notions of the woman’s role as an art object, and to create a new, empowered vision of the female model. She Took Her Own Picture, whilst constructed upon this feminist foundation, also presents a collection of first-rate photography.

“At the end of the day”, says McCarthy, “they bring you into their circle of friends and share their art with you”.



Think you've seen it all? Think again. Outside those doors, we might see anything. We could find new worlds, terrifying monsters, impossible things. And if you come with me... nothing will ever be the same again!

I've been having a debate with myself.

A long time ago I started this journal. A long long time ago (seven years in fact).
LJ has been good to me, it has seen my life change in ways I never dreamed possible.
I've read so much about other people's lives, shared their joy and their sorrow.
But lately it feels empty for me. I'm not sure what I want from this experience anymore.
I read other peoples journals/blogs and marvel at their words.
I read my own stuff and sigh inwardly.

I'm going to start with a clean slate (kinda)
I'm moving away from LJ completely, over to blogger, where I've had an account for years, I've just never really used it properly.
I read a lot of blogs over there. Probably more than I keep track of here.

It was the history that kept me here, but now they've come up with a way to transcribe my entries across. I'll still read people's journals, but I won't be updating here anymore.

You'll be able to find me http://intothesound.blogspot.com/

Aurevoir livejournal, it was good but you're not in my future.


I'm sick. Really effing sick.
The last 2 days I've been battling a weird cold. Today it hit me with full gusto. It's not your regular cold, I don't have a runny nose or a stuffy head, I do have a swollen sore throat and neck, sore ears, on and off thumping headache, a chest that feels likes someone poured concrete in it and a back so sore I could have a teary. I can't seem to do much more than sleep either :( The highlight of my day was making Tim drive me to the supermarket so I could feed my cold some mash and mushrooms and then take myself back to bed because I was so thoroughly exhausted. Which is where I am now.

I dozed this arvo whilst watching the mens road race at the Olympics. I was going to boycott the Olympics, but who am I kidding, I love watching them. The cycling today was awesome, by heck those cyclists are machines!!

I viewed the opening ceremony through one squinty eye last night and was mightily impressed. The Chinese certainly showed the rest of the world what style and poise is all about. It made our opening look like a childrens show (not that I saw most of it as I was overseas at my cousins wedding).

So now I'm lying in bed with The Moo under the covers with me, chamomile & honey tea in my hand & lemongrass in my oil burner. I'm about to take a panadeine forte and submit to the land of zeds again.

I'll leave you all with a pic of Tamika Moo taken outside today as she feverishly begged the birds to come play with her ♥

le moo

Friday fever

Ok so once upon a time there was an Aussie number to ring for voice posts... where and why has this gone? *confused face*

Also, does anyone use a calendar type widgety thing on their computer? I need something I can have sitting on my desktop that I can put important events and things I need to do in and be able to set reminders etc. Hmmm.

I woke up this morning to hear something being thrown about my bedroom floor. Something was quietly going thump thump. I peered over the mound of doona that I'd created and saw Tamika, playing with a pancake I threw out to the birds two days ago!! I came downstairs and was greeted by two more lying on the tiles in the kitchen. It seems she has found herself some new play things!! Mind you this was after I was woken up twice in the night, once by her pushing a bottle of cranberry tablets around the floor and once by her meeping at me coz she'd filled up her glass of water with hair ties and her rattly ball and couldn't drink from it anymore. Cutie.

It's been a snoozy day for me, I have a cold and it's wearing me out somewhat. I really want to go get myself a proper desk chair, but having no car makes it a tad difficult. I might peruse my options online. I already have a sore spine from leaning on the wood part of my chair, it's not good!!

I'm really chuffed with how my computer is going since I rebuilt it. It runs so fast now and all the little things that had stopped working or were working intermittently are working well again. Whee. I decided to put Open Office on it instead of Windows Office and I'm glad I did. Well apart from saving money coz I don't have installation disks, Open Office is practically identical to Windows Office, only more flexible and free, free, FREEEEEEEEEEE!

I'm going to have to be super organised this semester with Uni, I have so much work and reading to be done. Already I can tell that "12 Weeks of Poverty" is going to pay off mentally in that if I was working any more than I currently am I would have NO time to get any uni work done. So whilst it's going to inconvenience my bank balance, it will be good for my mental state!

Oh yeah, if online me disappears for a while it's because our phone line has been changed over (finally) and we're swapping ISP's. Hopefully it won't take long, but after the palava with the phone line I don't hold out much hope!!


Some of you may know that my pictures are appearing in a coffee table book. I received my copy of it this week, which is exciting. It's not available to the public as yet, but I'll put up a link when it is.



There is some amazing work in this book. It's funny looking at what I've chosen to go in there, I've done some far better work since then, but hey, such is life. Still, I'm proud of my work. I'm not 100% happy with the way the colours came out with the printing, not just my pics, but all of them seem to have a yellowy tinge. Overall however, I'm chuffed.

In other news, I has a chest cold. Very unimpressed with that turn of events. I'm not going to uni and work today, I'm trying to kick this so that it doesn't get much worse. I'll go up to the docs later, I need to get my blood test results from ages ago anyway.

I'll leave you with this lovely image that I took today, fluffy cloudage. Mmmmm.

from a balcony series


So I rode to and from work tonight.
No biggie.
Except I haven't ridden in a few weeks due to my low iron levels.
Going to work was fine.
Coming home I felt like I was going to slowly tip off my bike and plop to the road and curl up in a little ball!!!!
Disgraceful really.

Also, I left work late coz I couldn't tear myself away from the documentary of the guys that survived the plane crash in the Andes and 72 days in the snow. Amazing.

I rebuilt my laptop this weekend. It was slow and painful and had strange errors appearing on it, plus excel decided to stop working altogether. So rebuild I did. A might fine effort if I do say so myself :) Just have to get a few drivers still, ie for the wireless card etc, but it's working well. Hooray for me.

12 Weeks of Poverty begins...

I don't have any classes today because our tutes don't start til next week. Which is probably a good thing coz I'd only end up turning up at the wrong time, like I did yesterday! Three hours early. I rock. Maybe it was my wishful thinking that our lecture went from 4-6pm instead of the actual 6pm - 8pm. So I organised myself a locker and pottered about, went shopping, bought myself a couple of candles from Dusk, dithered some more then went to class. So far I'm liking my classes, which is a relief. I'm also loving all this free time I currently have. What I'm not going to love is the lack of pay cheque, but (say it in chorus) it's only 12 weeks.

Tonight is my first night of work this week, WEIRD. I can't say I miss it, I do miss the people however.

I still haven't gone to the doctors to get my blood test results. I can't afford it basically, coz no one bulk bills these days and it costs me every bloody time I go. I've been taking liquid iron supplements daily, I'm feeling a bit better, though not as much as I'd hoped. It's frustrating. I'll get back to the docs eventually. I just spent $200 on uni text books and I still have more to get, so yeah, priorities!

I've been cooking a lot more recently, which is a good thing. What's not so good is when I'm chopping onion with my super sharp knife and I attempt to cut the tip of my thumb off! I never realised just how much we use our thumbs until mine became incapacitated. Gross.

Right, things to do, must be off

blame Lester

Lester is my alien baby.
My alien baby is the fibroid that currently grows in the wall of my uterus.
Lester is causing me a lot of grief lately and I'm very much over it.
Heavy periods, fatigue, hormonal pimples to name just a few.
Lester is also responsible for the war in Iraq I've decided.
I have one month and 2 days until I get to my specialist to see what they say. In fact I don't care what they say, I want the stupid thing out. I can't live with this rubbish anymore, I want it gone.

In other news, I'm at my Dad's but I can't get my laptop to connect to his internet. So I can't upload any pics of my geriatric cats or anything else :(

It was just under zero degrees here last night. Brrrr. I watched le Tour til about 1.15am, decided it was boring and went to bed. I'd been sat in front of the heater all night, so when I went down to my room I almost froze my bits off!

I'm going to a retirement function late this arvo which should be good. I'll get to see all the teachers and friends of my Dad's that I haven't seen in years. Nice.

Jul. 24th, 2008

I'm going to my Dad's in Emerald for a long weekend, before I go back to uni.
I'll have my laptop with me coz I'll be doing some photography whilst I'm there, but I don't want to be online too much.
I can't wait to see Alice and Elliott, my geriatric cats that live up there. YAY.

I'm also going to the retirement of one of the teachers I have known since I was a wee thing, so that should be good.

Meeks is currently chasing her tail in my little suitcase that I'm taking to Dad's. Too cute.

little fen

I scanned a couple of pics of myself from my younger years and posted them to flickr tonight. So now I present them here for your enjoyment!!!

baby fen

Mum and me

Ha ha that last one is funny as, I still pull that face!!!